Korg appears to be working on a fresh version of the classic synth.

Images shared on social media suggest that a new Korg reissue of the classic ARP Odyssey synth could be on the way.

As a post on the Gearslutz forum reveals, the pictures were taken at a recent music fair in Japan, and show a new version of the instrument with full-size keys. Korg’s 2015 reissue was a reduced size model with mini keys.

The possibility of an ARP Odyssey reissue with full-size keys will come as a relief to those who stayed away from last year’s reissue because of its reduced interface.

Printed material next to the synth says that the ARP Odyssey FS is a prototype. Korg hasn’t confirmed whether it is real, but its proximity to another Korg Kronos synth make seem more likely the new edition is on the way.

As well as last year’s reissue of the vintage analog synth, Korg recently created an iOS version of the ARP Odyssey for iPhone and iPad, ARP ODYSSEi.

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