Actor borrows instrumental from Jaylib’s “The Heist” for his latest rap.

Shia LaBeouf is back on radio with a freestyle recorded on voice note and sent in to Charlamagne Tha God’s show. In it the actor takes shots at Lil Yachty and Hot 97 presenter Peter Rosenberg and weaves in sly references to Drake and Vin Diesel.

The recording opens up with LaBeouf saying he’s not a rapper and that this is just a voice note recording over some “YouTube beats.” The YouTube beat in question was produced by the late J Dilla for his 2003 collaborative album with Madlib, Champion Sound.

Speaking of Rosenberg, LaBeouf rapped: “You’re a waste, man / Faker than Drake’s Jamaican accent/ Old as fuck, dog, you’re past tense/ The show don’t miss you when you’re absent/ You’re lackin’/ To Sway and Charlamagne, you’re a fraction.”

As for Lil Yachty he called the situation absurd, “But on my word, this Boat about to get this work/ You spit that dirt I’m Kurt Cobain, squirt/ Extra extrovert/ You better protect your shirt, you bird.”

Speaking to TMZ, Lil Yachty commented on the situation by saying, “it’s all a joke. I feel like he’s way too serious. Have fun.”

In November, LaBeouf appeared on Sway In The Morning to take on the 5 Fingers of Death challenge. It was during this appearance that he first took shots at Lil Yachty, as well as Drake. Rosenberg in turn joked about LaBeouf in a freestyle on Ebro In The Morning.

No one’s quite sure what the actor’s recent rap escapades are about, but perhaps LaBeouf is still trying to prove he can really rap after being caught out last summer stealing someone else’s rhymes.



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