Safety concerns have temporarily halted recovery efforts.

Police have reported they have now identified and recovered 36 victims in the aftermath of the fire that broke out during a warehouse party featuring artists from 100% Silk in Oakland Friday night, Billboard reports.

“Of the 36, 11 have been positively identified and their family members have been appropriately identified,” said Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Deputy Tya Modste during a press conference.

Recovery efforts were temporarily halted Sunday 10 pm PST after investigators believed they identified the section of the building, nicknamed Ghost Ship, where the fire started. The area will be probed this morning to try and locate the cause.

The halt is also due to intense structural damage that has caused the building’s front wall to lean inwards that proved risky for police and firefighters. A plan to shore up support for the wall is being developed and will be implemented today.

“We hope that we’ll be back in the building between 12 o’clock and two o’clock today to continue the recovery effort,”said Oakland Fire Department spokesperson Chief Teresa DeLoach Reed.

Donates for victim relief funds have already passed $200,000. Donate here.



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