Who needs mp3 players?

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing your favourite vinyl when you’re out and about, then this tiny portable wireless record player may be right up your street.

The RokBlok is a small block with built-in speakers that works like a needle by lightly riding along the top of the vinyl – pull the lever to start playing the record and hold your hand above the moving record player to stop. You need a flat surface to rest the vinyl on.

The device, which can also be wirelessly connected to bluetooth speakers or headphones for a bigger sound, has been drawn up by San Francisco-based company Pink Donut, led by designer Logan Riley. A Kickstarter campaign for the project was launched earlier on in the year, with a pledge of $50k. That goal has nearly been met and the RokBlok is estimated to ship next September, at a retail price of $99.

Watch a short video of the product in action below.

There are obvious concerns over the damage the RokBlok could do to your records, but talking to The Verge, Riley gave assurance that using rubber wheels “means the center of gravity doesn’t rest on the needle and thus prevents widening the grooves.” Maybe he’s on to something, but as one Redditor kindly pointed out, “who listens to vinyl on the go?” [via The Verge]

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