The noise legend’s third collaborative album with philosopher Reza Negarestani.

Florian Hecker has announced his new album A Script For Machine Synthesis will be released next year on Editions Mego.

The release is a collaboration with Iranian philsopher Reza Negarestani and completes the trilogy started with their previous albums, 2014’s Articulação and 2012’s Chimerization. Like those, the release is a pairing of both sound and text, or as they put it: “A resynthesized voice outlines procedure as procedure itself unfolds”.

The 3-track release is presented as a single 57-minute composition preceded only by a brief intro and ends with a robotically-recited list of credits. You can hear the ‘Credits’ below, but the bulk of the album remains a mystery for now.

Look for A Script For Machine Synthesis on February 24 2017 via Editions Mego who will also reissue a cassette of Articulação the same day.

01. ‘Intro’
02. ‘A Script For Machine Synthesis’
03. ‘Credits’



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