With remixes from Ikonika, Leonce and more.

The ever-prolific D∆WN kicks off 2017 with an expanded version of last year’s Fade to Mind EP Infrared. Originally a collaboration with Kingdom, she’s opened up the floor for other DJs to come in and tinker with the duo’s collaborations.

The album features remixes from Leonce, Ikonika and Qween Beat affiliates Byrell the Great and Divoli S’vere. D∆Wn’s first offering from the deluxe Infrared is a deconstructed club-informed flip of ‘Paint it Blue’ from Fade to Mind’s Rizzla. While hearing D∆WN over harsher beats is already a treat, we can’t wait for the vogue house renditions of these tracks.

Infrared (Deluxe) is out on vinyl, digitally and on CD on January 27 and available for pre-order now.


01. ‘Honest’
02. ‘How I Get It’
03. ‘Paint It Blue’
04. ‘Baptize’
05. ‘Baptize (Kingdom’s Honest VTX)’
06. ‘How I Get It (Helix Remix)’
07. ‘Paint It Blue (Rizzla Remix)’
08. ‘How I Get It (Leonce Remix)’
09. ‘Honest (Helix Remix)’
10. ‘Paint It Blue (Ikonika Remix)’
11. ‘How I Get It (Byrell The Great Remix)’
12. ‘Honest (Divoli S’vere Remix)’
13. ‘How I Get It (Divoli S’vere Remix)’
14. ‘Baptize (Leonce Remix)’

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