Dave Smith Instruments shows off an exciting new 16-voice polysynth.

Coming hot on the heels of yesterday’s compact Pioneer collaboration, the Toraiz AS-1, the REV2 is Dave Smith’s update of the popular Prophet ’08 polysynth, adding a few extra bells and whistles to the already-stacked analog workstation.

The REV2 doubles the amount of polyphony of its 8-voice predecessor and it’s bi-timbral, allowing creative stacks and and splits. For example, it’s easy to split the keyboard down the middle so you’re effectively playing two, independent 8-voice polyphonic patches.

The most interesting new addition to the synth however is its waveshape modulation, wherein the user can vary the waveshape of the oscillator and have complete control over either a synth sound or an LFO. As DSI assures in the press release, “the tonal possibilities are vast.”

There’s also more effects, a larger modulation matrix to allow for more complex patching and a polyphonic step sequencer (!).

The REV2 will arrive in April and will come in two flavors, a more modest 8-voice model priced at $1499 and the bumper 16-voice daddy at $1999. You can check out all the essential details over at the Dave Smith Instruments’ website.

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