Directed by Zayn Malik and Ramona Flowers collaborator Bouha Kamzi.

Rising Londoner Ryan De La Cruz has dropped a new video for his recent single ‘Know About Me’, produced by Slim Typical.

Stark, simple and effective, the clip – directed by Bouha Kamzi of Zayn Malik’s ‘Pillow Talk’ fame – is set on a night time car ride through empty city streets, gradually picking up speed towards a dark, bloody conclusion.

“When I first listened to the song, I was positive that there were a number of vocalists on the track, until it was made clear to me that it was just Ryan, no one else,” says Kamzi. “I was taken by the versatility of the vocal styles.

“We spent an afternoon rehearsing the roles and experimenting with different character nuances, but on a whole he sort of naturally embodies each of the characters in real life. Ryan is very talented, sharp and hilarious to be around. Within the first few minutes of listening to him talk, gauging his personality and range, I quickly realised we were onto something special.”

Cruz released ‘Know About Me’ in November 2016, keeping up momentum from his June EP, Pagans. Watch the new video above.



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