Clarke says he “will not be renewing his US visa.”

Techno DJ Dave Clarke is refusing to tour in the US while “misogynist narcissist racist” president Trump – who “takes shapeshifting to an art form” – is in office.

Clarke wrote on Facebook on Monday (January 23) that he had been thinking about the boycott for some time. He says that despite holding “maximum respect for the influence of American music and some US culture,” he has chosen to not renew his US visa.

“I simply cannot consider coming to the US professionally when there is a misogynist, narcissist, racist president in office,” he wrote, later adding: “Donald Trump takes shapeshifting to an art form.”

“This is not punishment for those that love my music but a decision that I base on my intuition,” he said, stressing that he will continue to book US artists for his events in Europe, while suggesting that Trump’s ‘Hire American’ policy may prevent him from working in the country even if he wanted to.

Read Clarke’s full post below.



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