Who else could make exercise balls look so cool?

Missy Elliott has returned with a post-apocalyptic video for new track ‘I’m Better’ featuring Lamb – and it’s pure fire.

Reunited with Dave Meyers – who directed some of Missy’s most groundbreaking videos — ‘I’m Better’ sees the legendary rapper lead a number of typically sharp dance routines, including an underwater segment involving some space hopper-esque exercise balls, while she raps over a slow-burning groove.

Cooly tripping through her verses, with added hooks from rapper Lamb, we see Missy switching up her look from incredible feathered shoulder pieces to sequined ‘Save The Humans’ sweaters. It’s a triumphant return – nobody mixes style and music quite like Missy.

We’ve been waiting 12 years for a new LP from the ‘Work It’ artist – Elliott’s last proper studio album, The Cookbook was released in 2005 but this new track hints that a follow-up could be on its way.

‘I’m Better’ follows last year’s ‘Pep Rally’ single and the first official video since ‘WTF (Where They From)’ in 2015.

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