Live piano and vocal collaborations on the London producer’s third album.

Techno agitator Perc has announced his full-length follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed The Power and the Glory LP.

Released on Ali Wells’ own Perc Trax label, Bitter Music was “originally a very inward looking album” until “the extensive political change in the UK and around the world forced the album to widen its perspective,” the press release notes.

Live instrumentation plays a larger role than before, with Wells playing piano on many tracks and Ian East providing flute on ‘Chatter’. The album also includes a vocal collaboration with Brighton experimental artist Gazelle Twin.

Early in the production process Wells gathered sounds at Eve Studios near Manchester, a studio which specialises in restoring equipment from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The album is “more dancefloor focused than his previous albums yet pulling from a wider range of sounds,” the press release adds.

Bitter Music is out on April 28 on 2×12″ vinyl, CD and digital. Listen to Perc’s belting FACT mix.


01. ‘Exit’
02. ‘Unelected’
03. ‘Wax Apple’
04. ‘Chatter’
05. ‘I Just Can’t Win’
06. ‘The Thought That Counts’
07. ‘Spit’
08. ‘Rat Run’
09. ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me’
10. After Ball’

A1. ‘Unelected’
A2. ‘Exit’
B1. ‘The Thought That Counts’
B2. ‘Wax Apple’
C1. ‘Spit’
C2. ‘Chatter’
D1. ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me’
D2. ‘After Ball’



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