The Black Madonna and more show their support after series of angry tweets.

Jackmaster has called out misogyny in the music industry.

Writing on Twitter last night (February 5), the Glasgow-born producer said: “To hear the things that I heard said about females in the industry tonight were fucking not acceptable.”

He added: “It’s what’s said and enforced by powerful males behind the scenes that is the problem,” while also apologising for “my prior ignorance and silence on the subject.”

The Black Madonna, Josey Rebelle, Tiga, Midland and Scuba are among the DJs and producers who voiced their support for Jackmaster’s words.

When we chatted to the Numbers co-founder last year, he spoke frankly about mental health and his “party animal” image. “People see me as this Jack the Lad, super confident, fucking party animal guy, but the truth is that I think everyone suffers from anxiety on different levels,” he said.

“Probably the reason I’ve got this party animal image is because when I first started DJing and I was scared going into these social situations – and I still do get like that, although I think I’m quite good at hiding it – I was probably using alcohol as a bit of a crutch.”

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