Londoners listen to Blue Oyster Cult when it’s cloudy, apparently.

Most of us already play music in tune with the weather outside – imagine listening to Skinny Puppy on a blistering summer’s day – but if you’ve ever wanted to know what other people in your area listen to when it’s cloudy or raining, Spotify has joined forces with AccuWeather to launch a new site called Climatune.

As AccuWeather explains, Climatune provides Spotify users with music playlists based on the weather in that user’s area, and the moods which fellow local music listeners experience during weather conditions, such as sun, clouds, rain, wind, and snow.

The site is the result of a year-long study that compared 85 billion streams on Spotify in over 900 cities. The study yielded some less than surprising results – sunny days encourage “happier and higher-energy music,” rainy days call for “lower-energy, sadder-sounding music with more acoustic vs. electronic sounds,” while listeners apparently turn to more instrumental music when it’s snowing. Explosions in the Sky, anyone?

We had a cursory flick through the site – it’s cloudy today in London – and it threw up a baffling mix of Jason Derulo, Crazy Town and Blue Oyster Cult? Sadly no ‘Little Fluffy Clouds.’ Have a browse for yourself and remind yourself of Qunintron’s Weather Warlock – a homemade synth powered by changes in the weather.



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