The platform’s £9.99 subscription tier is being rebranded as SoundCloud Go+.

SoundCloud has added a new £5.99 mid-price tier to its subscription service, SoundCloud Go.

The new tier will allow users to listen to SoundCloud’s vast catalog of user-uploaded content (over 120 million tracks) offline and without ads, both on desktop and via mobile app.

“SoundCloud’s unique mix of content, much of which can’t be found anywhere else, is an incredibly attractive offering for music lovers who are at the forefront of what’s happening now and driving what’s next in music,” said chief revenue officer Alison Moore in a press release.

“SoundCloud Go answers the call from our users who want the ability to take the huge catalog of content found in SoundCloud’s free, ad-supported offering with them anytime, anywhere, without interruptions, at a very affordable price. And at the same time, we’re now giving users who haven’t made the jump into a music subscription plan, a robust, fully on-demand option at an accessible price.”

However, as SoundCloud’s feature breakdown demonstrates, the £5.99 tier is essentially what the platform’s free tier used to be, before it started playing audio ads before tracks. That means no major label catalog like Spotify or Apple Music.

In what’s another potentially confusing move for consumers, SoundCloud has rebranded its £9.99 tier (previously known as SoundCloud Go) as SoundCloud Go+. So, if you want access to the full 150 million tracks, you’ll need to go for SoundCloud Go+.

If you’re a heavy user of SoundCloud who doesn’t like the ads, then £5.99 a month might be an acceptable price to pay, but the £9.99 per month SoundCloud Go+ option is arguably better value.

SoundCloud Go’s new £5.99 tier is available now. SoundCloud also offers a 30-day free trial of the service via its website.

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