Plus E.M.M.A, Varg, Kuedo and more.

Mumdance is starting a new weekly Rinse FM residency, with Special Request, Equiknoxx – who dropped our second favorite album of 2016 – RP Boo, Tropic of Cancer and more great names already booked as guests.

The new weekly slot, which launches next Tuesday and will be broadcast from a series of different countries, follows the London producer’s monthly show for the station, which has been running for two and a half years.

In a press release, Mumdance said he “wanted to go balls out with the curation. I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I think I connect a lot of different artists from a lot of different spheres and I wanna use this show as an opportunity to not only showcase their talent, but to join some dots and build a world & culture around what Im doing.”

In January, Mumdance and Logos’ Different Circles label released its second compilation of “weightless” music – grime shot through with flashes of ambient and noise – which time round featured the likes of Yamaneko, Shapednoise and others genre-wranglers.

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