Take a tour of London’s grime scene or shoot a music video in Miami.

Not content with providing the bricks-and-mortar backdrop to your holiday, Airbnb is muscling into your daytime schedule with a new range of ‘Music Experiences’ on offer in cities around the world.

The holiday rental site has teamed up with Sofar Sounds, a team of promoters who specialize in staging secret gigs in cities around the world, to offer travelers behind-the-scenes tours and special experiences involving artists, industry professionals and local scene experts.

There are almost 100 experiences already available, and you can choose between going vinyl hunting in Tokyo, making a music video in Miami, learning to play djembe in Cape Town or even hanging with Kid Rock’s guitarist in Detroit, should that appeal to you.

Music Experiences will “support up-and-coming and local artists by connecting people to their events and generating a little extra income,” explains Airbnb. “Touring artists often use Airbnb while on the road and so this is the natural next step to immersive ourselves further into the music world.”

You can also learn how to make a violin in Paris, go backstage at a concert in LA and party with local musicians in Nairobi.

And as we reported earlier this year, you can even hire a ‘Grime Scout’ to take you on a three-day trip into London’s underground music scene.

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