The technology will produce “realistic vocals” that sound natural and carry emotion.

Virtual singer Amber G is already on her fourth album, but her creator now hopes to make her candy-sweet vocals available to use in digital recordings.

Originally designed by US composer and programmer Grant Grueninger as a way to demo the pop songs he’d written, a new Kickstarter campaign pledges to turn Amber’s voice into a downloadable package for Yamaha’s Vocaloid software. “Imagine using reliable technology to produce realistic vocals that sound natural and carry the emotion that your recordings need,” says Grueninger.

As the Kickstarter details, users of the software will input their desired lyrics and melodies, which Amber G will then bring to life.

The software will come with tutorials intended to teach “advanced” techniques, including pitch shifting, vibrato, cross-fading and adding nuance to vocals to make them sound more “real”.

“Imagine not having to go through the hassle of booking human singers at the cost of $75 to $250 per song and getting release signatures,” says Grueninger. Indeed. Check out one of Amber G’s ‘tunes’ below.

Although the Kickstarter campaign has yet to launch officially, the team aims to raise $20,000. Backers pledging $180 will receive the basic package, while those who contribute $250 or $500 will receive a one hour personal coach session with the creator.

If all goes to plan, Grueninger hopes that the software will be available for online distribution in September 2017.

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