The former Death Row Records boss has been repeatedly implicated in the 1996 shooting of Tupac Shakur.

Suge Knight claims that a new Tupac Shakur documentary proves Knight was the real target of the 1996 drive-by shooting that killed the rapper. The Death Row co-founder claims that his ex-wife Sharitha Knight and former Death Row Records security chief were behind it.

According to TMZ, legal documents reportedly show that Knight’s attorney, Thaddeus Culpepper, wrote that the record producer has known “for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. and his ex-wife Sharitha were behind the murder of Tupac and attempted murder of Knight.” Culpepper added that Knight had also alleged details of Wright’s involvement in the Biggie Smalls murder case.

Knight apparently chose to speak out after hearing the “salient points” in the new documentary Tupac Assassination III: Battle For Compton, which is based on the book Tupac: 187 The Red Knight and directed by its authors, Richard Bond and Michael Douglas Carlin. Knight had been with Shakur on the night the rapper was killed in Las Vegas in 1996 and the documentary claims that Knight had always been the real target of that fatal shooting.

The film features Culpepper’s signed affidavit, which was taken by former LAPD detective Russell Poole on July 18 2015. Poole, who also contributed to the book, appears to agree with Knight’s theory in an interview with Vice that same year.

Legal representatives acting on behalf of Dr. Dre have since told TMZ that the claim is “ridiculous.”

Suge Knight is currently facing charges of murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run following a dispute in Compton in January 2015, when he struck and killed his friend Terry Carter and injured actor Cle Sloan as he sped away. His trial is tentatively set for May.

Last week, Knight was hospitalized for blood clots, after previously collapsing in court, which his attorney blamed on the prison not providing proper medical care and a possible brain tumor.



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