He reveals the video was originally inspired by a lyric from The Clash.

Many were horrified when Pepsi’s latest ad co-opted the Anti-Trump Resistance protests to sell sugar water and even moreso upon realizing its identical to the Chemical Brothers’ dystopian ‘Out Of Control’ video from the ’90s. Now the clip’s director, W.I.Z., has offered his thoughts.

“If you were ever in doubt about the carnivorous nature of advertising, then this Pepsi ‘spot’ says it all,” he tells The FADER. “It so insults everyone’s intelligence that it’s disturbing. What is this culture that we choose to live in that engenders such naked cynicism, is advertising the pornography of capitalism?”

He explains the video was originally inspired from a lyric from The Clash’s ‘White Man (In Hammersmith Palais)’, “Huh, you think it’s funny turning rebellion into money.”

The video, which he calls a self-fulfilling prophecy, was meant to show that nothing is sacred when it comes to profit margins, “not even heartfelt expressions for social justice.”

Pepsi has since removed the video and published a crocodile tear-soaked apology about only trying to “[project] a global message of unity, peace and understanding.” Fuck that.

Revisit the music video below.



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