Watch the new video for ‘Love Game’ now.

After making her mark with King Midas Sound, Kiki Hitomi has released the debut album of her new project WaqWaq Kingdom, which offers equally exciting collaborations.

With Shinsekai (“New World”) Hitomi teams with producer Shigeru Ishihara, aka DJ Scotch Egg, and drummer Andrea Belfi, a collaborator of Jóhann Jóhannsson, Nils Frahm and more.

The result is a heady combination of Hitomi’s effusive vocals, Ishihara’s 8-bit whorls and Belfi’s hypnotic rhythms, with plenty of dub and reggae thrown into the mix. While the new video for ‘Love Game’ amps up the kaleidoscopic visuals, the album has psychedelic delights spilling from every corner.

Stream Shinsekai below and order it now via Jahtari.

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