The band’s hype campaign charges on.

Gorillaz have inched forward in the rollout for their new album Humanz by announcing an augmented reality app in advance of a global listening party later this month.

The app superimposes images from the band’s recent videos onto the user’s surroundings when they look through their cameraphone. It will also tie into the album listening party on April 28.

“Fans will be invited – via the app – to the Humanz House Party, an exclusive worldwide listening event which will allow fans to hear the new album in full for the first time,” the band said in a press release. “The Humanz House Party will be the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations.”

Gorillaz-mastermind Damon Albarn also recently broke down the new single ‘Andromeda’ on the Song Exploder podcast with guest vocalist D.R.A.M.. He shared some of its many different iterations, playing a version with D.R.A.M. on lead vocals (Albarn sings lead on the finished track) and revealing he previously recorded it with Christine & The Queens.



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