The ambient techno great returns.

Earlier this year, Kompakt Records boss and minimal techno master Wolfgang Voigt announced Narkopop, his first album in 17 years under the legendary Gas moniker. Now you can stream the album in full.

Voigt previously explained how Narkopop breaks from the hypnotic loops of previous Gas albums and instead “unfold their magic in a more entwined manner, sometimes with the sonic might of an entire philharmonic orchestra, sometimes as subtle and fragile as the most delicate branch of a tree with many.”

The description fits Narkopop, which doesn’t disturb the original arc of Gas’s first era ending on 2000’s flawless Pop. It stands on its own instead, with Voigt taking advantage of the album’s runtime – Narkopop is the longest Gas album to date – to hone and develop his sound further.

Stream Narkopop now and order it in a 3LP special edition via Kompakt.



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