From the band’s upcoming reunion album.

LCD Soundsystem were the musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. They performed ‘Call the Police’ and ‘American Dream’, two new tracks from their upcoming reunion album that they band debuted on BBC Radio and Beats 1 last week.

According to LCD frontman James Murphy, while there is no release date yet for the album, it is “seriously almost done”. In a note shared on Facebook, Murphy revealed that there are “one more vocal and two more mixes to go” and that they are urgently working on the mastering process, which is being done by indie rock legend Bob Weston. (He will soon be going on Shellac tour and Murphy hope it is done before then.)

Another hold up? Vinyl. “I insist that there is vinyl on the day it’s released (because… well… because I’m an old person),” Murphy writes. “So it will go like this: finish last mix > get to Bob to master > get masters to pressing plant > plant takes X amount of time > records get to distro so that they can go to stores > record released. However long that takes = when the record will be out.”

For now, watch them perform ‘Call the Police’ and ‘American Dream’ below.



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