A tribute to Julee Cruise.

Chromatics appeared on last night’s Twin Peaks season premiere (May 21), where they closed out the two-hour episode with a performance at the Roadhouse.

The band performed 2015 track ‘Shadow’, which also has a new video. Directed by Rene & Radka, it’s described as a tribute to David Lynch’s 1986 film Blue Velvet and Julee Cruise, who is a regular Lynch collaborator.

‘Shadow’ is due to feature on the Chromatics’ Dear Tommy album, which is expected to be released soon after being delayed by a “near death experience” suffered by Chromatics member Johnny Jewel.

Jewel has contributed further music to the new season of Twin Peaks, which can be found on his recent solo album, ‘Windswept’.

Watch the ‘Shadow’ video below.

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