Now we know why the album is so long overdue.

Johnny Jewel’s manager has shared the reason why Chromatics’ Dear Tommy album has not yet been released, despite being announced way back in December 2014.

Explaining on Twitter why the Dear Tommy-era Chromatics tracks had been pulled from YouTube and Spotify, Alexis Rivera said that the album had been finished, but Jewel destroyed every copy in the warehouse after a “near-death experience” in Hawaii in December 2015.

“Christmas day 2015 Johnny almost died in Hawaii,” he said. “I don’t want to go into details, but I’m sure he’ll discuss it in interviews at some point.”

“When he came back home to California he destroyed all copies of Tommy. 15K CDs & 10K vinyl in the Italians warehouse in Glendale, all gone”.

Rivera disclosed that the broken copies of Dear Tommy seen in the promotional image for the announcement that Chromatics were involved with the new series of Twin Peaks are some of those records.

However, Rivera also revealed that the album has been re-recorded and is finally close to release, saying that Jewel wanted the old versions of the songs to come down before the LP lands.

According to Rivera, “Dear Tommy has the same titles, same lyrics, same track order” as it did when it was announced in December 2014. “Nothing’s changed except it’s better”. [via Pitchfork]



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