Rush originally debuted on Dance Mania in 1996.

Chicago footwork producer Jana Rush aka JARu is to release her debut album on Objects Ltd in July.

Though Rush’s name may be unfamiliar, she’s been producing for over 20 years, and released her first record – a split EP with recent FACT mixer DJ Deeon – back in 1996.

Rush took a hiatus from music from 2000 – 2013, but returned with last year’s MPC 7635 EP on Objects Ltd, which led to the writing of her first album, Pariah.

According to the label, Pariah is “rooted in Chicago’s footwork sound”, but also takes influence from jungle, acid, soul, jazz and house music.

It’s the first album to be released by Objects Ltd, which was launched by Lara Rix-Martin last year with a focus on music from female-identifying and non-binary producers.

Pariah is released on July 14. Pre-order it at Bandcamp, and listen to album track ‘No Fuks Given’ below.

Update, August 10: Objects Ltd is crowdfunding a vinyl version of the album

Objects Ltd is aiming to fund a vinyl version of Pariah at the Crowdfunder website. The album will be pressed if the campaign can raise £2,500.


01. ‘Midline Shift’
02. ‘Beat Maze’
03. ‘Divine’
04. ‘?? ???’
05. ‘Break It’
06. ‘No Fuks Given’
07. ‘Old Skool’
08. ‘Rapid Fire’
09. ‘Acid Tek 2’
10. ‘CPU’
11. ‘Chill Mode’
12. ‘Frenetic Snare’



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