A reissue of 1996’s Trip Trap kicks off the трип sub-label.

Nina Kraviz’s new GALAXIID label will launch with a reissue of a vintage Russian electronic album from Moscow duo Species of Fishes.

Trip Trap was released in 1996, and was originally released through Russian label Exotica. The album blends IDM, ambient, techno and breaks across its 10 tracks.

Comprised of Vitaly Stern and Igor Kolyadniy, Species of Fishes formed in 1993 and have released 14 albums across their career, with the most recent arriving in 2016.

GALAXIID, which is a sub-label of Kraviz’s dancefloor-focused трип imprint, will have a focus on experimental, ambient and psychedelic music, with a record from late Icelandic artist Biogen as well as Japanese and Russian rarities also planned.

Trip Trap is released on July 28. Listen to album track ‘Health 100%’ below.


01. ‘[Init]’
02. ‘Health 100%’
03. ‘[Ctrl+S]’
04. ‘Bfg9000 Vs. Barons Of Hell’
05. ‘[Esc]’
06. ‘[Alt+Tab]’
07. ‘The Web’
08. ‘[Backspace]’
09. ‘Crash Recovery’
10. ‘Access Depth ‘

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