Six mystery artists are involved in multi-release project Music For The Other People Place.

A mysterious label and experiment in “creative freedom” has been launched in tribute to late electro visionary James Stinson (notably his pre-Drexciya spawn The Other People Place). Six unidentified artists are set to release 12 vinyl records over the next 12 months under the name Music For The Other People Place.

The primary aim of the project is “to provide the artist with complete anonymity in order to create in absolute freedom and, on the other hand, to offer the listener the work of the artist without any external distortions.”

This means that not one of the six artists involved in the project are aware of the identity of the other artists. Their individual identities will remain private, but they are free to reveal themselves of their own volition via special codes on the records.

Though the creators warn against expecting “a collection of Drexciya style works”, the brains behind the operation, Alek Stark of Fundamental Records, has worked with some pretty key electro-adjacent artists in the past, including Helena Hauff.

“This tribute has to be understood simply as an homage to someone who fought for that creative freedom in each of his works, a tribute to one of the greats. It is, however, also a tribute to the artists who during the next months will be part of this experiment,” continue the creators.

Check out the full manifesto for more info. Images of the artwork are also available to see. You can also preview the first three releases below.



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