A new label from one of our favorite acts of the year.

Spencer Doran of Portland experimental ambient duo Visible Cloaks has teamed with Maxwell August Croy of Root Strata to launch Empire Of Signs, a new label that kicks off with the first vinyl reissue of Japanese ambient legend Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Music For Nine Post Cards.

The 1982 debut album that launched a long and influential career, Yoshimura’s spacious and tranquil electronic music is a primary component in Visible Cloaks’ work and was a noted inspiration for Huerco S.’s shift to ambient on his breakthrough album last year.

The reissue includes original liner notes printed in both English and Japanese, plus new notes from Yoko Yoshimura as well as Doran and Croy.

Music For Nine Post Cards is available November 17 through Light In The Attic. Pre-order it now and you can get it bundled with another exciting Yoshimura reissue, the first vinyl release of his Pier & Loft.

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