Herndon is also developing an “AI baby”.

Holly Herndon and Jlin recently sat down for an interview with Ableton to talk about their respective creative processes and what’s on the horizon.

Herndon revealed she is “trying to finish an album” and also discussed developing an “AI baby”. She explains it’s an algorithm “we’re training on our voices; on our voices and on the voices of our ensemble. Yeah, it’s learning how to talk and how to sing, so it’s freaking weird.”

Jlin also revealed she’s working on “many things and I can’t talk about any of em”. Though she enlisted Herndon to provide vocals for a track on her new album Black Origami, the two have yet to work together in the same studio.

The two didn’t reveal whether they would be working together on music, but they are planning a holiday together at the end of the year.

Read the full interview here and listen to Herndon and Jlin together on ‘Holy Child’ below.



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