Erik Wiegand’s next LP is “his most optimistic yet”.

Berlin club veteran Erik Wiegand aka Errorsmith will release his first solo album in 13 years on PAN next month.

Also known for his work alongside Fiedel as MMM and Soundhack as Smith N Hack, Wiegand has been a fixture of Berlin’s club scene for over 20 years and is also the man behind Native Instruments’ futuristic Razor softsynth.

Superlative Fatigue is Wieland’s second appearance on PAN after 2015’s Protogravity EP, a Mark Fell collaboration whose ‘Cuica Digitales’ featured on FACT’s top tracks of that year. According to the label, the album is less abstract, harsh and aggressive than his earlier music.

“I would say it is rather accessible and cheerful; at times ridiculously cheerful but still very sincere and emotional,” Wieland says in a press release. “I find it touching when this little android raises its pitch at the end of ‘Lightspeed’ or the android catching its breath in ‘My Party’ for instance.”

The eight-track album is said to place a “strong emphasis on spectral exploration”, and spans a “musical arc” filled with “his recognisable synthesised tones, computerised vocal effects and timbral changes in motion”.

Superlative Fatigue is released on October 20. Listen to album track ‘I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable’ below.


01. ‘Lightspeed’
02. ‘Who-is’
03. ‘I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable’
04. ‘Centroid’
05. ‘Superlative Fatigue’
06. ‘Retired Low-level Internal Server’
07. ‘Internet of Screws’
08. ‘My Party’



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