Rabe was an associate of Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros and La Monte Young.

Swedish composer and trombonist Folke Rabe has died aged 81, according to Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

Born in Stockholm in 1935, Rabe studied at the Royal College of Music and began his career as a jazz musician and trombonist in the ‘60s, before branching off into the avant-garde the following decade.

Recorded at the Swedish Radio studios in Stockholm in 1967, Rabe is known best for his electronic drone masterpiece What?? (also translated as Was??), which was constructed from layered harmonic sounds, largely made up from electronically generated tones. Other pieces he wrote during that time include Bolos for four trombones and Rondes for driving.

During the late ‘70s, Rabe worked as the program director at the Swedish Institute for National Concerts, while from the years of 1980 – 2000 occupied a variety of positions at the Swedish National Broadcasting Corp, including editor-in-chief.

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