The former Sonic Youth frontman recently ridiculed the genre.

Earlier this year, Thurston Moore slammed techno as “a braindead exercise of plastic sound” and “music for ding-dongs who like to snort coke and try to get laid.” But the former Sonic Youth frontman now appears to have revised his opinion.

Speaking to LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope for yesterday’s (September 26) Talkhouse podcast, Moore revealed that he has actually recorded his very own techno album – although it’s not going to be released under his name.

“I don’t want anyone to come to it with any preconceived idea,” he said. “Like, ‘this insufferable idiot just made a techno record?’ Forget about it.”

No details about the album are known as yet, but we’re expecting a braindead exercise of plastic sound made by an insufferable idiot. Probably. [via Crack]



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