The rapper continues to hint at a new album.

Eminem has shared a new image teasing what appears to be a new song titled ‘Walk On Water’ further fueling rumors that his next album is coming soon.

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The phrase appears on a doctor’s pad bearing the logo “Revival” in a Eminem shared today. The logo previously appeared in a recent Instagram post by longtime Eminem manager Paul Rosenberg and bears the same backwards “E” the rapper is known for. The pad also offers a 1-800 number and a link which leads to a suspiciously fake website that includes multiple subtle references to the rapper.

Today is also significant for Eminem fans as it marks the 15 year anniversary of his semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile. The film’s lead song, ‘Lose Yourself’, later earned the rapper an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Last month Eminem performed a freestyle at the BET Awards denouncing Donald Trump. Watch it below.



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