Form 696 has been criticized for targeting grime and rap artists.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans to scrap the controversial Form 696, a decision he believes “will help London’s night-time economy thrive and shows London is open to music artists and DJs.”

First used by the Metropolitan Police, Form 696 was originally introduced in 2005 in response to a number of nightclub shootings across London. Promoters and licensees in many parts of the UK have been required to fill out the form, which asks for the names, stage names, addresses and phone number of all promoters and artists at an event.

In 2009, two questions asking for the ethnic make-up of the audience and music genre were scrapped from the form following complaints of racism. A number of grime and rap artists claimed that information passed onto the police via the form lead to tour cancellations, including Giggs and P Money. Despite the changes in 2009, the grime community has continued to level accusations that the form allows police to target black music events in the capital.

“There is no doubt that over the last decade a number of serious incidents have been prevented through the effective exchange of information, advice and intelligence between the Met, promoters and venue managers as part of this process,” the Metropolitan Police Service explained today (November 10).

It continues: “However, we also recognise recent concerns raised by members of the London music industry, particularly around a perception that events associated with some genres of music were disproportionately affected by this process.”

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