The world premiere will take place in New York next year.

Oneohtrix Point Never, aka producer Daniel Lopatin, has announced the world premiere of myRiad, a self-described “concertscape” that will premiere in New York next May.

The event will take place at the famous Park Avenue Armory May 22-24 for Red Bull Music Academy’s New York Festival and is presented as a four-part song cycle. The description doesn’t reveal too much, but hints at many reference points that have appeared throughout Oneohtrix Point Never’s varied discography.

“Pulling from long-standing fascinations with film and television tropes, abstract sculpture, game ephemera, poetry, apocryphic histories, internet esoterica, and philosophies of being, myRiad generates a conceptual spectrum that is as much a speculation on the unthinkable future as it is an allegory for the current disquiet of a civilization out of balance with its environment,” the press release explains.

Lopatin is currently finishing the next Oneohtrix Point Never album. Earlier this year he released his first solo film score for Good Time, which later earned him a Best Soundtrack Award at the Cannes Film Festival. This week he returned for a second FACT mix, focused solely on film music.

Tickets aren’t available yet, but you can learn more from the event page on the Armory’s website.

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