The festival is currently accepting artist proposals.

The globe-trotting electronic music festival MUTEK has announced its first US edition will be held May 2018 in San Francisco.

The festival will take place May 3-6 and is currently curating its lineup with co-directors Miroslav Wiesner and Gabrielle de Villoutreys. Wiesner, who is also the founder of San Francisco-based booking and management company Surefire Agency, released a statement about his love for the festival and why it’s a perfect fit for the city.

“I had never been to a festival so meticulously curated, so well conceived and so cohesive in presentation. I knew I would be a devotee from the start but I didn’t expect it to feel as familial as it did,” he writes. “The intersection of art, music, and technology combined with the adaptive nature of the city, its accessible size, the concentration of ideas and its constant supply of curious travelers make San Francisco an ideal location for the first American MUTEK edition.”

The festival previously hinted at the decision when a logo for “MUTEK.SF” began appearing throughout the city in September. Its Mexico City edition is currently taking place this week after being rescheduled due to the severe earthquake in the area earlier this year.

MUTEK.SF will announce its initial lineup and venues in the coming weeks. In the meantime, they are accepting proposals from American artists and artists based in the area. Learn more on their Facebook page.

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