Listen to the glitchy first track ‘Mirrored Gate’ now.

Air Max ‘97 aka Oliver van der Lugt has announced his debut album, Nacre.

Out on June 1 via the Melbourne producer’s own DECISIONS label, the full-length LP was made between Melbourne and Berlin and mixed in Mexico City. According to the release notes on Bandcamp, it bears the mark of van der Lugt’s itinerant lifestyle and yields “a broader spectrum of Air Max ‘97 sonics than ever before.”

See the full tracklist and artwork below. Pre-order a copy of the album from Bandcamp now.


01. ‘Profanations’
02. ‘Mirrored Gate’
03. ‘Veneer’
04. ‘Quereinsteiger’
05. ‘Nacre’
06. ‘IP68’
07. ‘Karyon’
08. ‘Gousse’
09. ‘Kermes’
10. ‘Serac’

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