Part of a multi-release project about a sentient computer virus.

James Ferraro has unveiled a new EP titled Four Pieces For Murai which will be self-released on May 18. Though no music has been shared yet, you can watch a mind-melting trailer now.

Ferraro explains on his Bandcamp that the EP is the prelude to a much larger multi-release project. In a prologue, he describes a story set in a post-apocalyptic 21st-century dark age called “The Deterioration”, a feudal society of surviving humans called “The Remnant” and a computer virus named Mirai that “was created to release us.”

Ever the musical shapeshifter, it’s difficult to predict what Ferraro’s project will sound like. His last proper album was 2016’s Human Story 3, which fused orchestral composition with the proto-vaporwave sounds of his 2010 breakthrough Far Side Virtual. Last year, he branched further into modern classical work with Fanfare For The Boston Marathon 2017, the piano concerto Burning Prius® and a ballet titled MINDSTORM.

Learn more about Four Pieces For Mirai and pre-order it here. Revisit Ferraro’s classic FACT mix below.

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