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KUNQ member Rizzla has announced their debut album Adepta.

Out July 6 on Fade To Mind, the 11-track LP explores “rage, loss and reconciliation, made during a period of rewilding and recovery” and is the follow-up to 2015’s politically-charged Iron Cages EP.

Adepta draws on “a collage of samples designed to simultaneously welcome and disorient the listener, geographically and temporally,” while amplifying “the personal anxiety of losing one’s self and culture with the exhilaration of liberating self-immolation,” according to the press release.

Check out first single ‘Be A Boy’ featuring Odile Myrtil below and pre-order the album from Fade To Mind.


01. ‘Full Body Realized’
02. ‘Be a Boy’
03. ‘Adepta’
04. ‘Black Eye’
05. ‘Link Me Up’
06. ‘Space Hulk’
07. ‘And Stay Down’
08. ‘Inquisition’
09. ‘Test Man’
10. ‘Dewdrop’
11. ‘Be a Boy’ (feat. Odile Myrtil)
12. ‘Dewdrop’ (feat. Kat CHR) [Bonus Track]
13. ‘Chainsaw’ [Bonus Track]
14. ‘Fall of Cadia’ [Bonus Track]

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