Update, Jul 17: Looks like this was a false alarm .

The Chicago rapper confirmed the album’s release in a new interview.

Chance the Rapper has confirmed that his new album will arrive this week. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, the rapper confirmed that new music would be coming this week, although he did not confirm how it would be made available.

Chance’s anti-establishment feelings towards the music industry have been well documented, so it’s no surprise the rapper is remaining ambiguous. “I’ve never been against selling music.” Chance said “Music has value. I put my music out there for free because I wanted people to see and notice it as a beacon for what I’m doing, in terms of how unorthodox I wanted my approach and my delivery of each piece of music to be.”

Chance the Rapper’s last release was 2017’s surprise collaborations with JeremihMerry Christmas Lil’ Mama and Merry Christmas Lil’s Mama: Re-Wrapped, which were preceded by his 2016 Grammy winning mixtape Coloring Book.

More recently, in an interview with Peter Rosenberg, Chance announced that he would be releasing new projects with Childish Gambino and Kanye West. Check out the interview below.

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