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Nozomu Matsumoto drops hauntological text-to-speech 12″ on The Death of Rave

A surreal voyage into digital futures for fans of TCF, James Ferraro, Sam Kidel and Elysia Crampton.

Japanese artist and curator Nozomu Matsumoto is best known for being behind Tokyo’s EBM(T), a virtual listening room for “the discovery and sharing of sounds” where he has presented works from Lars Holdhus, aka TCF, Sam Kidel (who released the FACT-favorite Disruptive Muzak on The Death of Rave in 2016) and Robin Mackay.

Today, Matsumoto has announced his first physical release, Climatotherapy, a bizarre 15-minute fusion of vocal yelps, high-definition strings and orchestral hits tied together by non-linear text detailing AI morality given by Amazon’s text-to-speech interface Polly. If that sounds challenging, well it is; it’s also extremely engaging.

You can get an idea of where Matsumoto’s head is at by listening to his mixes, one of which, embedded above, features tracks from James Ferraro and Hafler Trio alongside text-to-speech versions of tracks from hardcore legends Crass and Discharge and compositions from Luigi Nono and Morton Feldman. All becomes clear.

Climatotherapy is out now on 12″ via The Death of Rave.

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