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L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke Feat. Pink Dollaz 'Cake (UNiiQU3 Remix)'

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  • L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke Feat. Pink Dollaz
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  • ‘UH UH OH’

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The career retrospective includes the artist’s unheard 1988 album Light Metabolism Number Prague.

RVNG sub-label Freedom To Spend has announced reissues of all four albums by leftfield minimal recording artist Rimarimba, the musical alias of Felixstowe native Robert Cox.

The Rimarimba Collection is a four-LP collection of recordings previously only available on cassette and rare vinyl, including 1983’s Below The Horizon, 1984’s On Dry Land, 1985’s In The Woods, and the previously unheard 1988 album Light Metabolism Number Prague.

The career retrospective will be released alongside a short film based on Robert’s life, as well as an “audiovisual postcard” from Felixstowe, UK.

With shades of Brian Eno’s ambient work and Steve Reich’s procedural composition, as well as suggestions of the esoteric charm of Moondog’s contrapuntal constructions, Rimarimba’s DIY experimentations vary wildly, from sunny synth patterns to dissonant drone pieces.

The Rimarimba Collection will be released via Freedom To Spend on 4xLP on September 21 in a limited edition, screen-printed canvas carrier. It will be the only opportunity to purchase the unheard 1988 album Light Metabolism Number Prague.

Following the release, Freedom To Spend will release the other three albums individually, with Below The Horizon arriving on October 5, On Dry Land on January 8, 2019 and In The Woods on February 22. Check out the artwork for the whole collection below, and find tracklists for all four albums.

Below The Horizon Tracklist:

01. ‘Steady State’
02. ‘Metal’
03. ‘Gone To Hell In A Small Bucket’
04. ‘The Melting’
05. ‘The One That Got Away’
06. ‘Ships’
07. ‘Bebag’

On Dry Land Tracklist:

01. ‘Do Wonders For Me’
02. ‘Tacky Travel Tune’
03. ‘Crash’
04. ‘Fairground’
05. ‘Down From The Sky’
06. ‘I Wouldn’t ask’
07. ‘Can’t You Feel It’
08. ‘Welsh Water’
09. ‘On The Range’
10. ‘Gnats’
11. ‘Cacoughanation’
12. ‘Sick’
13. ‘Spirit’
14. ‘Foulground’
15. ‘Machinebeat’
16. ‘Beyond Pain’
17. ‘Not Enough Time’

In The Woods Tracklist:

01. ‘Spafft Moutafft Seeall + California’
02. ‘In The Can’
03. ‘Firedance’
04. ‘Bamboo Link + Couldn’t Top The Demo’
05. ‘California + Saxes’
06. ‘Clearview’
07. ‘California + Bell’
08. ‘Gone To Hell In An Even Smaller Bucket’
09. ‘xit’
10. ‘He’s A Good Lad’
11. ‘Pacific’
12. ‘From 6 To 13’
13. ‘California + Guitars’
14. ‘Fitall Wall’
15. ‘Gone To Hell In The Smallest Bucket Of All’
16. ‘Few Parameters’
17. ‘Bamboo Duck’
18. ‘Hey! Almost Chinese Ain’t It?’

Light Metabolism Number Prague Tracklist:

01. ‘Glass Abbatoir – End’
02. ‘Man & Horse Music (V2)’
03. ‘Egg Foo Young’
04. ‘Adding Up To 256’
05. ‘Tom & Jerry’
06. ‘Why Do You Squeak?’
07. ‘Tallis Sleeps’
08. ‘Gaelic Progress’

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