Unreleased for decades, the lost LP will finally be released by Sacred Bones.

Legendary collaborators David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti have today announced the release of a long lost artefact of their decades-long creative partnership – the esoteric jazz side project Thought Gang.

Borne from the duo’s work on Twin Peaks, the music recorded as Thought Gang would go on to make appearances in much of Lynch’s work, including in the criminally underrated Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the nightmarish INLAND EMPIRE and this totally insane Adidas commercial.

Taken from sessions recorded between 1992 and 1993, the Thought Gang LP collects 12 tracks of experimental free jazz and spoken word. Lynch describes the sessions themselves in a typically gnomic fashion, “I would tell them a bunch of stuff and then they would play that” he explains. “It was them catching the thing and painting a picture with their instruments and talent.”

David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption – featuring performances from Mercury Rev, Vic Mensa, TOKiMONSTA and more – takes place October 13-14 in Los Angeles. Tickets are available now.

Thought Gang will be released on November 2 digitally, on LP and CD via Sacred Bones and is available to preorder now. Limited edition colored vinyl variations include ‘Steel’ and ‘Monkey Fur’. Check out the tracklist and cover art below.

01. ‘Stalin Revisited’
02. ‘Logic and Common Sense’
03. ‘One Dog Bark’
04. ‘Woodcutters From Fiery Ships’
05. ‘A Real Indication’
06. ‘Jack Paints It Red’
07. ‘A Meaningless Conversation’
08. ‘Frank 2000 Prelude’
09. ‘Multi-Tempo Wind Boogie’
10. ‘The Black Dog Runs at Night’
11. ‘Frank 2000’
12. ‘Summer Night Noise’

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