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An exploration into the intersection of rave and domestic life.

Peder Mannerfelt has announced his third album, Daily Routine. The LP arrives two and half years after the critically-acclaimed Controlling Body.

Released through his own imprint Peder Mannerfelt ProduktionDaily Routine strikes a balance between the uneasy soundscapes of Controlling Body and the rave-ready production he contributed to Fever Ray’s unhinged Plunge LP.

Mannerfelt describes the album in a press release as “a collection of sounds. New sounds, sounds I recorded 10 years ago, sounds I’ve found, sounds stolen from records my brother bought in London in the summer of `88.”

Earlier this year, Mannerfelt joined forces with fellow Swede Pär Grindvik to form Aasthma, which debuted during a world premiere live performance at Berlin Atonal 2018. His label, Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, has released projects from Isabella, Simon Haydo and Sissel Wincent.

Daily Routine will be available digitally and on vinyl LP on November 1. Check out the Gummo-referencing album artwork, tracklist and Mannerfelt’s exploratory FACT mix below.


01. ‘Introductions & Aspirations’
02. ‘Hibernation Hyper Nation’
03. ‘Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)’
04. ‘ Sissel & Bass’
05. ‘Belgian Blues (Black MIDI Mix)’
06. ‘How Was Your Day? (Numb)’
07. ‘This Machine Shares Memes’
08. ‘Weighing My Brain’
09. ‘Temporary Psychosis (VIP Mix)’
10. ‘Tried It (Blue on Blue)’

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