The Northern duo dive headfirst into the influences behind their latest release.

It wasn’t even a month ago when Manchester’s Demdike Stare put out their most recent full-length Passion, a sufficiently spannered collection of ‘ardkore-influenced club variations. Now, they’ve put together a handy guide to their thought process with a series of mixtapes entitled Stitch By Stitch.

A four-hour monster split into four parts, Stitch By Stitch examines the building blocks of Passion, with UK-centric techno experiments, eerie concrète drones, Japanese city pop, grime and more.

The first tape, entitled Stem, is focused on the UK’s hardcore continuum and its crossover with R&B and pop, while the second, Chain, explores abstract field recordings, drones, free jazz and other divergent off-world transmissions.

Parts one and two are available now on Boomkat, and come with a large box to house the third and fourth installments, set to arrive “in the next few weeks”. Just in time for Xmas, then.

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