The Modern Love mainstays deliver their angular take on dancehall, jungle and UKG.

Experimental electronic duo Demdike Stare have released Passion, a nine-track LP that builds upon the dancefloor-orientated productions of 2016’s Wonderland.

The album sees Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker channel their uniquely occult sound through nine esoteric club ragers, delivering weaponized interpretations of dancehall, jungle, garage and grime.

The LP is a continuation of the duo’s rave-ready Testpressing series, moving from scorching hardcore on ‘At It Again’, mutant grime on ‘Know Where To Start’, before closing the LP with the haunting ‘Dilation’.

Since the release of Wonderland, Canty and Whittaker have curated a steady stream of essential releases on their DDS label, including projects from Shinichi Atobe, Mica Levi and Equiknoxx.

Passion is available digitally and on double vinyl LP via Modern Love now. Check out the Michael England-designed cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘New Fakes’
02. ‘At It Again’
03. ‘Spitting Brass’
04. ‘Caps Have Gone’
05. ‘Know Where To Start’
06. ‘You People Are Fucked’
07. ‘Pile Up’
08. ‘Cracked’
09. ‘Dilation’

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