The experimental composers are the first musicians to feature on The A24 Podcast.

Oneohtrix Point Never and Mica Levi discuss cheesy film scores, early influences and their own compositional work on a new podcast from A24.

Both artists have provided scores for the formidable New York production company, with Levi contributing award-winning soundtracks to 2013’s Under The Skin and 2015’s Jackie and OPN scoring the acid-trip heist movie Good Time last year.

According to A24, both artists are greata admirers of each other’s work, and “have kept in touch on the same email chain for the past nine years.” Their conversation is available now on episode 8 of The A24 Podcast.

Be sure to re-visit FACT’s mini-documentary From Studio To Screen: Becoming A Composer, and listen to Oneohtrix Point Never’s cineaste FACT mix, below.

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