‘Ataxia’ literally means “the loss of full control of bodily movements”.

Planet Mu has announced the highly-anticipated debut album from experimental producer Rian Treanor. ATAXIA was designed “to make people’s bodies move in unpredictable ways”, explains Treanor.

Taking cues from industrial, synth-pop, bleep, extreme computer music and speed garage, the producer’s debut full-length explores musical oppositions, including “fluidity and syncopation”, “reduction and extremity” and “easy listening and brutal”.

Last year Treanor released projects with The Death Of Rave and Warp’s Arcola imprint, the latter earning a place in our best tracks of 2018.

ATAXIA will be released by Planet Mu on March 15 and is available for pre-order now.

Check out the album artwork and tracklist, and re-visit the producer’s blistering mix of unreleased African rave pressure, below.


01. ‘ATAXIA_A1’
02. ‘ATAXIA_A2’
03. ‘ATAXIA_B1’
04. ‘ATAXIA_B2’
05. ‘ATAXIA_C1’
06. ‘ATAXIA_C2’
07. ‘ATAXIA_D1’
08. ‘ATAXIA_D2’
09. ‘ATAXIA_D3’

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