The UK dance music staple’s third album for Hypercolour.

DMX Krew is set to release a new album next month.

Glad To Be Sad “covers a wide and colourful palette of rhythm and sound,” according to the press release. The LP is described as “abundant on the bass with a heavy dose of futurism in its waves of glorious synth-work and deadly drum machine rhythms.”

Out on March 1, it’s the UK producer’s third album for Hypercolour and his 19th full-length album to date. Check out ‘Jagged’ now and see the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Shell Game’
02. ‘Spare Parts’
03. ‘Gate Output’
04. ‘Mystic Revelation’
05. ‘Dark Moon’
06. ‘Home Made (Part 2)’
07. ‘Metal Mod Beat’
08. ‘MR10stery’
09. ‘Jagged’
10. ‘NP-Hard’
11. ‘Non Entity’
12. ‘Winter Dance’

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